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Slovenský raj & Spiš Regional Tourism Organization
21.-22.7.2017, Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia

Spiš 333 EXTREME is a non-stop race for all fans of mountain biking who are prepared to tackle nature of the Spiš region and push their own limits.

„When you think you can’t, you can even three times as much!“

Spiš 333 EXTREME presents a significant challenge, testing yourself in extremely challenging terrain without any outside support. During the race you will reach the limits of your physical and mental forces but all the suffering will change into a feeling of satisfaction at the finish line. You will also experience the natural wonders of the Spiš region and you will get to know many new friends and their life philosophy. Regardless of the results at the finish and the awards, you will have the immense satisfaction of completing this amazing 5th annual extreme non-stop race, which consists of both existing and recently created cycle trails and is organized by the Slovenský raj & Spiš Regional Tourism Organization (,
Spiš 333 EXTREME is not only a race designed to test your cycling abilities, but it is also a sporting social event designed to introduce and promote Spiš as an interesting cycling region to all those who like to spend their free time and holidays actively.

„All the suffering will ultimately end.“


Place of Start & Finish: Sports Hall, Za Hornádom 15, Spišská Nová Ves
Presentation: 20 July 2017 (Thursday) 7.00pm - 8.30pm
21 July 2017 (Friday) 6.30am - 7.30am
Start: 21 July 2017 (Friday) at 8.00am
Evaluation: 22.7. 2017 (Saturday) o 18.00pm
Time limit of the race: 33 hours
Categories: Men, Women
Main track
Length of the track: 333 kilometres
Elevation: 8 291 metres
Surface: Asphalt approx. 60 %, forest roads approx. 40 %
Short track  
Length of the track: 222 kilometrov
Elevation: 5 585 metrov
Surface: Asphalt approx. 30 %, forest roads approx. 70 %


Marking: Almost all the track is laid out along the marked cycle trails of the Spiš region. Outside the official trails the participants will navigate by provided map, by GPS or by additional marking of the organizer. Each participant will receive a printed map from the organizer showing the linear track and the locations of checkpoints. The route will be published in the form of map and downloadable file for GPS devices at: Rute & Downloads . Checkpoints: For organiser´s control of completing the route, records from a GPS device or photos (with EXIF time data) at the selected checkpoints are used. Checkpoints are signs along the track that are clearly marked on the map.
Action along the route: The participant must move on the track only under their own power (electro-bikes are not allowed). The participant must converse the entire course without shortcuts. By failure to comply with these rules you will only cheat yourself! If you leave the route (as in the case of refreshment, overnight stay etc.), you are required to return to the point at which you stopped, and from that point you can continue. Premature end of your racing must be announced by sending text message (SMS) to tel. no. +421 905 326 164 (please write your start number and information, for example ‚25 – I quit‘). When moving on roads respect the traffic rules. As the route passes through the national park and some protected areas of environmental value, follow the rules of environmental protection (extinguishing the fire, garbage etc.)!
Start of the race: The race will start with a ‚Manifestation Ride‘ of all competitors moving along the Spišská Nová Ves main square towards the edge of town, with the assistance of the Police. In this section of the route, the participants should avoid any collisions! "Out of town, there will be ample opportunity for competition."


This race is without any outside support!
All participants compete in the race at their own risk! At the time of presentation each of the participants will sign the statement that competing in the race is at their own risk. For participants under 18 years of age at the time of the race the organizer requires notarized written consent of a parent and a certification of health. Each of the participants registered electronically until 11th of July 2017 will receive a souvenir: a t-shirt with the logo of the event. The race includes the raffle prizes drawing.
Mandatory equipment: Cycling helmet. GPS device or camera. Cell phone.
Recommended equipment: Equipment necessary for survival in nature (matches, knife, aluminium foil thermal blanket). Basic first aid kit. Spare batteries. Headlamp. Raincoat and spare clothing. Insect repellent. After previous years‘ experiences, the organizers recommend a powerful light and to use a GPS device or cell phone with a proper GPS application for navigation, this will prevent unnecessary delays mainly at night.
Mode of riding, rest and sleep: decide how long you will ride, when and how long you will rest. The race is nonstop, the organizer does not provide any place for a refreshment or rest. It is up to each participant whether they will book accommodation or if they will camp on the track.
Classification: Race has no interruptions and the order is determined according to the time at the finish line of the race. The time limit for completing the route is 33 hours. After limit, the results will be interpreted and raffle prizes will be drawn. Additionally, all participants who will reach the finish line after this limit will be added to the Race Results Sheet. On 22rd of July 2017, the finish line will be open until 8.00pm.


Toilets and showers will be at competitors’ disposal in the premises of the Sports Hall from Friday, 22nd of July 2016 to Saturday, 23rd of July 2016. Parking is located next to the Sports Hall. Equipment for bike washing will be available as well. After completing the race each of the participants will be given 1x meal and 1x drink.


If you are injured during the race, particularly in the forest terrain, e. g. in the Slovak Paradise National Park, that is inaccessible by ambulance, call the Mountain Rescue Service on tel. no. 18 300 or +421 53 4297 902, otherwise call the First Aid Service on tel. no. 155, or 112. The Police is at disposal on tel. no. 158, Fire and Rescue Brigade on tel. no. 150.


You can sign up for the race online at: , by filling in the application form. Do not forget to include the type of track. Deadline for application via Internet and for paying 20 EUR entry fee is 18th of July 2017. You can register for the event electronically after that date or in person at the time of presentation, however, with 25 EUR entry fee and without souvenir.
After receiving the application, in two working days‘ time you will be sent an e-mail with the Variable Symbol to pay the entry fee!
The application shall be considered binding only after the payment of the entry fee to the bank account:
IBAN: SK82 7500 0000 0040 1955 5186
Bank name: Československá obchodná banka, a. s.
Account name: OOCR Slovenský raj & Spiš
Address: Nábrežie Hornádu 14, 052 01 Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia

When making international payment, make sure the organizer receives the full amount of entry fee in time and that you pay all transfer charges – all international transfers are required to be made with the OUR instruction!


The organizer reserves the right to change the rules of the race and to limit the number of competitors. The organizer of the race does not provide any accommodation to participants. Participants can search and book their individual accommodation online via:


Executive team of the race  
Director of the race: Pavol Bečarik
Tel.: +421 905 326 164
Application admin: Peter Šofranko
Organizer of the race OOCR Slovenský raj & Spiš
Regional Tourism Organization
Slovenský raj & Spiš
Nábrežie Hornádu č.14
052 01 Spišská Nová Ves
Slovenská republika
Executive director OOCR: Zuzana Záborská
Tel. OOCR: +421 948 846 506
E-mail OOCR:
Web OOCR: ,

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The race is realized with financial support of the Ministry of Transport & Construction of the Slovak Republic.